Pick A Pumpkin At Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch

Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch

Nothing makes you get in the spirit of the fall season like going to a pumpkin patch. But you don’t want to settle for just any pumpkin patch, do you? If you want to go to the best one in the local area, you have to head to Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch in Opdyke, Illinois. Most importantly, this place has top-quality pumpkins that are perfect for picking – no matter what you decide to use them for. But it’s got so much more than that. In fact, it really is the place to be for any fall festivity you could dream of. So, bring your family, closest friends, and autumn spirit, and get ready to have a fantastic time!

Pick a Pumpkin

When you go to Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch, you’re going to be surprised at just how many pumpkins there are available for you to pick out. Some people search for pumpkins that are great for carving, while others would prefer to find some that they can cook with. Whatever you are looking for, you can find exactly what you need right here. Bring the kids along so they can pick out their very own pumpkins. It also makes for a great place to take some pictures to remember the season by.

Get Lost in the Corn Maze

Picking a pumpkin might be the activity that makes you think of fall the most, but getting lost in a corn maze might be the second most iconic fall activity. Get a big group of people together and try to get lost in the corn maze. This one is pretty tough, so you may not find your way out right away. But that’s OK. You’ll have a great time in the process.

Go Through the Haunted House

Are you ready to get a little bit spooked? If so, head to the haunted house. It’s a bit scary, but if you’re brave enough, you’ll make it through!

Play Miniature Golf

There’s no family-friendly activity that’s quite as fun as miniature golf, and you can do it right here when you come out to Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch. Make sure you try it out while you’re there.

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Find Some Fresh Produce

Why waste your time at the grocery store when you know you can find the freshest produce at Marlow’s Pumpkin Patch? If you are looking for fruits and veggies that are currently in season, you’re going to love shopping for produce here.